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Cooling Chambers

  Sometimes happens that it is not enough for one refrigerator. And it's not because "someone eats too much" (c). Before our products will get into our refrigerators - products - often go a long way from producer to consumer. On this way there are product distribution centers, markets, large supermarkets and so on. If it had happened that the product is perishable, it is necessary to keep it in cooling chamber. Sometimes, this product requires more than just storage (different products should be stored at different temperatures), but also pre-frozen, and then storage.

  The technology of freezing and storage of products involves complex solution to an issues, which take into account:

- dimensions of the chamber;

- average daily temperature and humidity in the region where was installed the chamber;

- material of the chamber, and its thickness;

- the time of freezing, the degree of congestion of the chamber and turn of the product in the chamber;

- type of packaging where is the product;

- the size of doors, number of employees in the chamber and the type of equipment which is used for freight-handling ....

  This list is large and sometimes understandable only to the expert. After all, only an expert can estimate the effect on the storage quality of your product, for example, the number of lamps in the chamber and their location.

No one written off problems such as power consumption, power reserve in the cold and the cost of the project - the issues which are worried everyone currently. A flexible system of calculation, the ability to handle a wide range of modern produced refrigeration equipment - it is a factor of professionalism of the man, to which you refer. Continued dialogue with the customer at the design stage - a guarantee that you'll get what you want.

What we have as a result: all customers are different, all products are original, the situation in the world, at the market and in the sky changes every hour, that is why there is no universal project, every customer is individual. Here, perhaps, and formed the principles, following which we work.

  Essentially, there is no need in the room in which you need to make a cooling chamber. All you need is your desire and we will do everything. Oh yeah!And a little money. We make quite a lot of cooling chamber and for a variety of tasks from keeping the flowers to chambers, designed for deep freezing and storage of the products. There are some very exotic destination of refrigeration chambers and, in the fact, aims and objectives are limited only by your imagination. And by money. We'll do the rest.

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