assembling of refrigerating plants

Our company are grant to services of assembling of refrigerating plants.
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Branch office of PO "Russky Kholod" Ltd.

414000, Astrakhan, 30 Brestskaya street
+7(8512) 38-41-93, +7(8512) 38-41-92

The Astrakhan branch of «Russky Kholod» supply with refrigerants, refrigerating equipment, refrigerating oils and professional tools enterprises in the south of Russia. A broad product range, comfortable conditions and professionalism are criteria of our work. We are able to offer any desirable package of refrigerants from 1kg up to 1000kg.

We posess all kinds of chladones from common to rare. Moreover, our personnel provides services for ’ready-to-use’ mounting and repairing of refrigerating equipment and further technical support retaining all the warranties specified by Russian Law.

All the production has proper quality and registration sertificates.

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