assembling of refrigerating plants

Our company are grant to services of assembling of refrigerating plants.
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Russky Kholod, St. Petersburg, Russia is the dynamically grown company working on the refriging chemistry and equipment market on the North-West of Russia.

The motto of the company is «Quality without the compromises». As against the majority of the companies of the Russian young business, we are guided by progress of the best domestic goods. As the illustration of this fact can be our long cooperation with the conducting domestic manufacturer - the giant of organic synthesis - «Halogen Ltd.», Perm.

Passing the extremely agressive tactics of sales concerning the competitors we render a wide spectrum of additional services to our clients, that at the end salutarily has an effect for reputation of our firm as reliable supplier of production, supplyer who understands problems of the client and offers a package of financial, technical and other services. The hardware of our company and cooperation communications with conducting centres of science of the country excludes an opportunity of delivery of the poor-quality goods in a consequence of the double control quality assurance of a factory and our internal control. The fast and qualitative packaging equipment satisfyes the needs of every buyer from the foremen on repair of household refrigerators up to large factories of domestic industry. The good cooperation is when it is perceived as self-evident, the only possible and correct. So we perceive our clients, so our clients us perceive. Due to this mutual understanding, we have an extensive network of the clients, by which, as we hope, in a near future, you join also. Yours faithfully, «Russian Cold Ltd.»

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